Waste to Energy Cogeneration Plant – Ventspils, Latvia

The one of a kind WtE plant is an example of the integrated approach to waste management and has the capacity to process cup to 15,000 tons of SRF ( Solid Refused Fuel) per year.

The facility was designed to convert SRF into renewable heat for district heating and power for the local community or other purposes. 

Designing and construction of the plant officially started in 2022, and the execution time will be 20 months.

Gasification Technology – Basic data:

–  Electricity production: 1,7 – 1,8 MWel
–  Heat production: 2,6 – 6,9 MWth
–  Type of the WtE plant: 10 MWth
–  Total fuel – SRF capacity: cca 15.000 t/a