Among CER’s most important infrastructure projects

“Equipping the access roads to the Pelješac bridge, the Stone bypass and the sub-section Duboka-Sparagovići/Zaradeže-Prapratno-Doli” is among CER’s most significant infrastructure projects to date. The project contractor is the Croatian national road company Hrvatske Ceste d.o.o.

This international public procurement project is part of a strategic project for Croatia – the realization of the Pelješac bridge, that will strengthen the connection of southern Croatia to the rest of the land. The bridge and its connecting roads will increase the traffic system security level and its level of service, shorten the travel time, thus reducing emissions and the overall impact on the environment. Furthermore, it will make possible to access the southernmost part of the country even in time of strong winds, when the road and sea traffic are normally disrupted.

Its realization is planned to be over in 2022 and when finished it will consist of a total of 32,53 kilometres of road with the accompanying facilities – viaducts, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, reservoirs and rest areas.

CER offered engineering, consultant, administrative services to the project bidder – COMSA Industrial, a Spanish global group focused on infrastructure development, industrial engineering and services.