Circular Energy Resources Ltd. was founded on the premise that energy should be produced entirely from renewable sources.

We specialize in the design, development, production and commissioning of boilers and cogeneration plants that use biomass and waste as sources of energy for district heating or as fuel in industrial and manufacturing processes. In close collaboration with our partner TERMOSUN, we have carried out more than 3000 successful projects in 8 different countries around the world, producing in excess of 1500 MW of clean energy.

In the renewable energy sector we are also a key provider of consulting, development and management services for wind farms and solar power plants, with a proven track record that ranges from small-scale local innovation projects to strategic projects on international level.

In addition to the renewable sector, our engineering department offers consulting and project management services in the civil engineering and architectural sector.

In the civil engineering sector we have a broad experience in the management, coordination and construction supervision of infrastructural projects such as pipelines, ports, roads, tunnels, hydro tunnels, urban water supply plants and waste water treatment plants, dams and pumping stations. In the construction sector we have carried out project management and supervision of construction works of airports, residential and office buildings, hotels and medical centers.

Years of international collaboration have brought us partnerships and networking with world-class companies, making it possible for us to fulfil the demands for virtually every aspect of both sectors.


The development of technologies and implementation of circular energy resources which regularly regenerate securing a sustainable development and an ecologically clean future for generations that will inherit our planet.


Our mission is the continuous development and implementation of technologies and solutions that use circular resources, creating engagement for sustainable development with the final aim of making a contribution to the ongoing revolution of the 21st century whose final goal is the global use of renewable energy sources and the establishment of the circular economy.