Ventspils project and tourist destination

Ventspils, a beautiful city in Latvia has grown to our hearts since we started with our big project of building Waste to Energy Cogeneration Plant.

The one-of-a-kind WtE plant is an example of the integrated approach to waste management and can process up to 15,000 tons of SRF ( Solid Refused Fuel) per year.

The facility was designed to convert SRF into renewable heat for district heating and power for the local community or other purposes. 

Designing and construction of the plant officially started in 2022, on this day we are marking big progress and we are looking forward to the end of this beautiful project.

We wanted to refer to this magnificent city and to share a little bit of tourism information.

Venstpils – a hospitable city on the shore of the Baltic Sea, where a tidy, child-friendly urban environment and innovative production facilities coexist.

Ventspils is a family-friendly city opening up various possibilities both for families living there, and visitors with children from other cities and countries. Harmony between the modern port, innovative plants and factories, and the beautiful and tidy beaches that make Ventspils a very special place.

Ventspils is a city that won’t leave you indifferent! It is like a small country within a country. There is no need to travel outside Latvia to feel a breath of Europe – you will find everything in Ventspils where even time is counted differently and where flowers, despite rhythms of life dictated by nature, break into blossom earlier than in other places of Latvia, and holidaymakers can enjoy an easy walk along city’s cobbled streets. Ventspils is the capital of flowers and fountains; all over the city (even in electrical posts) you can find colorful cow sculptures, but streets, parks, squares, and courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, figurative flower compositions, and tasteful flowerbeds. In the heart of the city, in the Big Square, the Ventspils Concert Hall “Latvija“ is located, which was opened in 2019. As part of its uniqueness, it boasts two world-class musical instruments-pipe concert organ and the world’s largest vertical concert piano. Overall the city offers a wide range of sightseeing, acitvites and recreation opportunities.

Choose your recreation in Ventpils!

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Photo: Concert hall “Latvija”

Photo: Jūrkalne steep coastline

Photo: VIZIUM Ventspils Science and Innovation Centre

Photo: Flower sculpture PUĶU GOVS