District Heating for 5 local establishments in the town of Alcover, Spain

The project “Proximity District Heating” started by the Tarragona municipality, Spain, is a part of a major pilot project under which 9 energy efficient plants have been realized. The plants run on local forest biomass as fuel. The aim of the project it the development and spread of the efficient economy by lowering carbon emissions and the participation in the fight against climate change following the EU green agenda.

One of the above plants is the recently installed biomass boiler in the town of Alcover, a project realized by the CER Termosun group that will be used to meet the needs of district heating for various local establishments. The plant will provide the city pool, the pavilion, the school gym and two buildings of the Mare de Déu del Remei school with heating and hot water. By using local renewable resources the plants contribute in the fight against major fires, the prevention of the loss of natural resources of rural areas and forrest degradation.

Boiler model: HERZ Firematic

Power: 350 kW

Fuel: Woodchip

Sector: Local establishments