Biomass boiler in the primary school Àngel Guimerà de Pallejà in Barcelona

With the aim to improve the energy efficiency of the educational center Àngel Guimerà in the town of Pallejà (Bajo Llobregat), the group CER Termosun has supplied a new biomass boiler HERZ firematic with a capacity of 100 kW.

This biomass boiler substitutes two existing gas boilers of 183 and 59 kW, that up until now have supplied the school with hot water and heating. Besides optimizing the energy efficiency of the installations, the use of local woodchip as biofuel makes the best use of the wood residues from the forest management and helps with forest regeneration.

The room of the boiler has been placed inside a prefabricated module next to the fuel silo that has a capacity of approximately 55 m3 of woodchip. The module had previously been used as a maritime ship container, and now perfectly serves its new purpose.

Boiler model: HERZ Firematic 100

Power: 100 kW

Fuel: Woodchip

Sector: Schools and cultural centers

Year of installation: 2021