We signed the public procurement contract

Fllowing the public procurement procedure for the project “Construction of the water sewage system of the Metković agglomeration and the reconstruction of the water supply network” today it was signed the

Public procurement contract with the city of Metković Water Management Authority. CER, in partnership with COMSA S.A., has been working on this project throughout the 2020, and prepared the best offer which eventually won the public tender bid and was awarded the project. On the basis of the contract COMSA S.A. is the main contractor for the construction works of this project worth 338.001.831,78 kuna and whose duration is planned to be 36 months. CER is going to be in charge of the construction of the pumping stations and the professional expertise support.

We at CER are very proud to be part of such an important project that will improve significantly the lives of the population of the city of Metković. Among the many benefits of this project is the decrease in the losses of the water supply network and the optimisation of the system processes. Also, there will be a significant increase in the connectivity to the sewage system network and an increase of waste water being treated.