Energy exploitation of residues from the wood industry – Maderas de María company

In Regumiel de la Sierra, in the heart of the Pinareas region in Spain, the company Maderas de María, has made investments recently to increase its energy efficiency and its wood drying processes.

The sawmill decided to invest in a biomass boiler and a drying system exploiting the residues from its own manufacturing in the most efficient way possible. The wood residues from its manufacturing plant are now used as fuel for the boilers that are generating energy for the plant. It is a brilliant example of a circular production process that has multiple benefits; it lowers the production costs making the company more competitive inside the industry, it reduces the waste from the production as well as the emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Boiler model: Binder RRK 1000 (1.200 kW)
Power: 1.200 kW
Fuel: Local woodchip
Sector: Industrial
Year of installation: 2019
Municipality/province: Regumiel de la Sierra, Burgos

Greenhouse air conditioning at the Flors Noé company

Installation of a 1,000 kW biomass boiler for greenhouse air conditioning in Mataró. The family business Flors Noé, dedicated to floriculture, has a 1000 kW HERZ BioFire boiler for the air conditioning of 15,000 m² of greenhouses. The biomass boiler supplied by Termosun heats the water in the pools that are used as tanks, through a heat exchanger. With the implementation of this biomass boiler, fed with local woodchip, heat production costs have been reduced by approximately 50%. In addition, it can use different fuels without having to modify the elements of the installation. Only the technical service adapts the configuration parameters according to the fuel used.
The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

Boiler model: Herz BioFire 1000
Power: 1000 kW
Fuel: Local woodchip (Km 0)
Sector: Industrial sector
Year of installation: 2015
Municipality / Province: Mataró / Barcelona

Binder biomass boilers at LC Paper

Biomass steam production in the paper industry sector. LC Paper has inaugurated the biomass boiler that allows the company to market tissue paper products with neutral CO₂ emissions. This boiler is the last step of a challenge that began more than a decade ago. (Published by LC Paper) The BINDER model boiler, installed by the Catalan firm IMARTEC, with a capacity to produce 4,000 kg/hour of steam, will be fed with forest timber from local forests.
The company Forestal Soliva, a benchmark in the sector for its production capacity, will be responsible for supplying the approximately 8,000 tons of biomass per year kilometer zero.
The project has been financed by the INYPSA company, which manages the operation of the boiler. It has been carried out by the company Termosun.

Boiler model: BINDER RRK2500-3000 / 9 bar
Power: 4 T / hour steam
Fuel: Local woodchip (Km 0)
Sector: Industrial sector
Year of installation: 2017
Municipality / Province: Besalú / Girona

Installation of a biomass boiler in Mas Rovira

DHW and biomass heating system in the Mas Rovira Complex. It provides heating and DHW to the farm with capacity for 1,300 mother sows and to the farmhouse. In addition, it also provides DHW to the Masía cheese factory dedicated to the production of artisan cheeses. It has a silo of 24 tons. Fuel: Chips from the local forests.
The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

Boiler model: HERZ firematic 300 kW
Power: 300 kW
Fuel: Local chips
Sector: Industrial sector
Year of installation: 2014
Municipality / Province: Sora / Barcelona