Biomass installation at the Montserrat Abbey

A grand project for sustainable air conditioning in the Montserrat Monastery. The project consists of the construction, maintenance and energy management of a production plant and heat network that provides service to more than 40,000 m2. A total number of ten buildings that take shape in the AbatMarcet building, the Abat Cisneros EdificiMonestir Hostel, the Venerable building, the Abat Cisneros Hostel, the Abat Garriga building, the hospitality, the cafeteria, the monastery and the basilica, as well as the museum and the NostraSenyora building. Grup Soler estimated that the new system will achieve an energy saving of 29% compared to the old propane gas system, and an emission saving of 720 tons / year. The biomass used to generate energy comes from the forest management of the forests of the Montserrat mountain and nearby areas. In this way, environmental, social and economic benefits are maximized. Work done by company Grup Soler.

Boiler model: 1 BioFire boiler of 1,000 kW and another of 600 kW
Power: 1,600 kW
Fuel: Chips
Sector: Iconic buildings
Year of installation: 2014
Municipality / Province: Montserrat / Barcelona

District Heating at the Santuario de Javier in Navarra

Heat Network for heat supply in the different buildings of the Santuario de Javier complex in Navarra. “With the new biomass boiler, the Santuario de Javier will reduce its expenses by 10% the first year, achieving a saving of 10,268 euros. This drop in the costs will grow in the ten-year contract that the sanctuary has signed with company Aresol, so that total savings during this decade will reach 475,910 euros.”, says El Diario de Navarra.
The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

Boiler model: Binder
Power: 840 KW
Fuel: Chips
Sector: Iconic buildings
Year of installation: 2013
Municipality / Province: Javier / Navarra

Biomass installation at the Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona

Replacement of two gas boilers with biomass boilers in Barcelona.
The Palau Real de Pedralbes complex has a new HERZ boiler. The building, declared as a Cultural Heritage, renovates its facilities with a 500 kW HERZ firematic boiler in its first phase of the project.
The 8,082 m² main building has two gas boilers installed almost 40 years ago. Exceeding the lifespan of this equipment and with an outdated current performance with regard to energy efficiency values, the project has opted to change the energy source to biomass. This action prioritizes the energy efficiency criteria and, in addition, complies with the directives set by the European standards for reducing CO₂ emissions.
The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

Boiler model: 1 boiler firematic 500
Power: 500 kW
Fuel: Pellets
Sector: Iconic buildings
Year of installation: 2019
Municipality / Province: Barcelona