Our latest biomass plant in Spain

One of our latest projects in the renewable energy sector is the biomass plant for the Quadpack Wood company, for its manufacturing unit based in Torelló, in Spain. The project has been done in collaboration with our partner Termosun, from Barcelona.

Two of our biomass boilers were installed in the production plant of the Quadpack Wood company, a renowned manufacturer of packaging products made of wood.  The company is a frontrunner in innovative and sustainable manufacturing, aiming to lead the change through its positive-impact processes.

The company production plant will use the wood residues from the production process to generate energy for their drying, heating and cooling systems. With the transition to biomass boilers the company has gained multiple benefits. By using its own residues the company became self-sufficient for its energy needs, it cut CO2 emissions to marginal levels, it is not generating waste and it is considerably lowering its production costs.

This is just another great example of the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the circular economy that uses biomass as the source of energy. It also highlights the fact that manufacturing and production can be done in a sustainable and ecological way.