Croatian-Spanish forum on Renewable Sources of Energy

We were proud to be represented at the Forum by our CEO, Mr. Mirko Tunjić, who was one of the key speakers at the panel on the “Future of sustainable solutions in the energy sector”.

The European Union has set highly ambitious targets with the European Green Deal in the quest for limiting the effects of the climate change by turning completely to clean energy. In order to back this plan the EU is going to invest 20 billion Euros in renewable energy sources in the near future.

The Croatian government has also decided to change the paradigm towards a decarbonized economy. In recent years the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has been working on regulations that would make the transition of Croatia to a low carbon economy much easier. It will surely benefit all the companies in the private sector, like ours, who can take advantage of the current wave.

On September 30th, 2020, the Croatian-Spanish forum on Renewable Sources of Energy took place in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Embassy of Spain in Croatia. It was aimed at reinforcing and further promoting the cooperation between Croatian and Spanish companies on both markets and further across Europe and beyond.