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Efficient and sustainable projects and facilities customized for gyms and sports centers. At CER we understand the complexity of these projects and know perfectly the details of such installations. The quality and confidence we provide to our clients arises from a great experience in the sports and leisure sector and from the highest quality of our products. Endorsed by HERZ and Binder, at CER we are able to find the installation that best suits the needs of our clients. CER offers energy solutions suitable for each type of project within the sports and leisure sector.

Outstanding projects within the biomass boilers sector for sports and leisure

  • Biomass at the Piscina Colonia Sant Jordi

    Sustainable facility in the Piscina Colonia Sant Jordi training center.
    A reference facility in the world of swimming, as it is the high-performance training center for all the greatest swimmers and swimming teams in the world.
    First boiler was installed in 2009 with the intention to prolong the training season. Given its great acceptance and demand for space to train, in January 2015 a second boiler was installed to provide continuous service throughout the year. First installation uses pellets as a fuel while second one uses chips. They provide air conditioning of the outdoor Olympic swimming pools as well as the changing rooms and hot water production.

    The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

    Boiler model: Two Biomatic 400 kW boilers
    Power: 800 kW
    Fuel: Pellets and chips
    Sector: Sports sector
    Year of installation: 2009
    Municipality / Province: Ses Salines / Palma de Mallorca

  • Installation of a biomass boiler at the Atletic Terrassa Hockey Club

    Terrassa Hockey Club, a multi-sport club in Terrassa that invests in renewable energy.
    "It's one of the club investments I'm most proud of, it has really been very beneficial." Jordi Castelló, Manager of the Atlétic Terrassa Hockey Club.
    Athletic Terrassa Hockey Club, with more than 60 years of history, is a multi-sport club, located on the Carretera de Castellar de Terrassa (Barcelona).
    The facility has an energy need of 700 MWh/year 100% covered.
    Economic savings of approximately 40% to 50% per year.

    Work done by company Energrup.

    Boiler model: A 500 kW Biomatic boiler
    Power: 500 kW
    Fuel: Chips
    Sector: Sports sector
    Year of installation: 2012
    Municipality / Province: Castellar del Valles / Barcelona

  • Air conditioning of swimming pools with biomass in Pedrera

    Installation of a HERZ biomass boiler in La Piscina de Pedrera.
    Installation of HERZ firematic boiler fed with pellets or bones of the olives.
    Air conditioning of the premises as well as swimming pool water heating and generation of domestic hot water for the changing rooms.
    Boiler fed through rigid auger, which allows both pellet and bones of the olives feeding.

    The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

    Boiler model: 1 firematic of 400kW
    Power: 400 kW
    Fuel: Pellets or bones of the olives
    Sector: Sports sector- swimming pools
    Year of installation: 2016
    Municipality / Province: Pedrera / Sevilla