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Efficient and sustainable projects and facilities customized for the domestic and residential sector. At CER we understand the complexity of these projects and know perfectly the details of such installations. The quality and confidence we provide to our clients arises from a great experience in the residential sector and from the highest quality of our products. Endorsed by HERZ and Binder, at CER we are able to find the installation that best suits the needs of our clients. CER offers energy solutions suitable for each type of project within the residential sector.

Outstanding projects within the biomass boilers sector for the residential sector

  • Renewable energy in the Hernán Cortés community

    A sustainable project that supplies energy to more than 170 homes.
    The five buildings in this neighborhood community house a total of 174 households. The selected fuel has been forest pine chip without transformation treatments. The facility has a silo with a volume of 175 cubic meters and with the capacity to store more than 40 tons of chips, which guarantees adequate autonomy in periods of maximum demand.

    Work done by company Gesenergía.

    Boiler model: Two 1,000 kW BioFire boilers 
    Power: 2,000 kW
    Fuel: Pellets or Chips
    Sector: Residential sector
    Year of installation: 2013
    Municipality / Province: Zaragoza

  • District Heating in Fasa Village, Valladolid

    The 398 households of the Fasa Group have launched a biomass heat network.
    Installation of two HERZ firematic boilers, 500kW each, which provide a total of 1,000 kW of thermal power.

    The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

    Boiler model: 2 Firematic 500 kW
    Power: 1,000 kW
    Fuel: Local forest chip 
    Power supply system: Rotary double system
    Sector: Residential sector
    Year of installation: 2018
    Municipality / Province: Valladolid / Province: Valladolid

  • Biomass in the neighborhood community Av. Central de Barañaín

    Installation of two HERZ biomass boilers in a neighborhood community of Navarra. Installation of two HERZ biomass boilers, 1 Biomatic of 500 kW and 1 firematic of 200 kW, to supply DHW and heating for a neighborhood community of Av. Central de Barañáin de Pamplona (Navarra). 
    Power supply system through high rotary.   

    Work done by company Eolimer.

    Boiler model: 1 Biomatic of 500 kW and 1 firematic of 200 kW
    Power: 700 kW
    Fuel: Chips
    Power supply system: High rotary system
    Sector: Residential sector
    Year of installation: 2013
    Municipality / Province: Barañáin / Navarra