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Projects and facilities of the highest quality and confidence customized to the needs of public and private centers such as schools and kindergartens. At CER we understand the complexity of these projects and know perfectly the details of such installations. The quality and confidence we provide to our clients arises from a great experience in educational and cultural sector and from the highest quality of our products. Endorsed by HERZ and Binder, at CER we are able to find the installation that best suits the needs of our clients. CER offers energy solutions suitable for each type of project within the educational and cultural sector.

Outstanding projects within the biomass boilers sector for educational and cultural centers

  • Biomass installations in public and private educational centers

    Biomass is a renewable energy that provides comfort and savings, but also social and environmental benefits.
    Biomass installations are present in very different sectors; in cultural centers, museums, research centers and more than 100 schools of primary, secondary education, kindergartens... they already have HERZ biomass boilers.

    We show, as an example, 10 cases of schools heated with HERZ boilers:
    IES Jovellanos, 500 kW, Asturias
    Colegio Motilla del Palancar, 400 kW, Cuenca
    Colegio Munera, 400 kW, Albacete
    CEIP El Sitjar, 220 kW, Lleida
    IES Chiloeches, 220 kW, Guadalajara
    Colegio Andrés Martín, 150 kW, Jaén 
    CEC Catalunya, 500 kW, La Garriga 
    Colegio San Bartolomé, 150 kW, Asturias
    Guardería Sant Cebrià, 150 kW, Barcelona
    Guardería Moisés, 90 kW, Barcelona

    Boiler model: Herz
    Fuel: Pellets and chips
    Sector: Educational and cultural centers
    Municipality / Province: Spain, Portugal, Andorra

  • PRAE Centro de Recursos Ambientales (Environmental Resource Center), a green building

    Sustainability and energy efficiency at the Centro de Recursos Ambientales de Valladolid. This 'eco-efficient' and 'bioclimatic' building, of 3,500 square meters of constructed area, has various systems that allow maximum energy use, with solar panels and other sources of renewable energy such as our biomass boilers. Among other recognitions, it has obtained the Green Seal (el Sello Verde) and the first Sustainable Building Award (Premio de Edificación Sostenible) from the Instituto de la Construcción de Castilla y León in 2006.

    The project has been carried out by the company Termosun.

    Boiler model: 2 Herz firematic150 kW
    Power: 300 kW
    Fuel: Pellets
    Sector: Educational and cultural centers 
    Year of installation: 2008
    Municipality / Province: Valladolid