Cogeneration or Combined heat and power (CHP) is efficient solution for simultaneous electricity and heat consumption. Cogeneration technology provide significantly better energy efficiency which also greatly reduces environmental pollution compared to segregated production of electricity in thermal power plants and thermal energy in boilers. 

Cogeneration plants can be built at any site where electricity and heat consumption is needed. Except for power plants, cogeneration is a suitable solution for industries requiring district heating, for hotels, hospitals, gyms, shopping centers and such. 

Advantage cogeneration systems in relation to plants that separately generate electricity and heat energy is seen by comparing the losses incurred in such production. For the same amount used primary energy is used about 35% more overall in cogeneration plants energy than in separate production, and from this it is clear that utilization is much higher in cogeneration systems.


Our turnkey cogeneration solutions provide answers to all technical specifics and include:

  • Project documentation (main project, project design, studies necessary for connection of the power plant to the grid)

  • Delivery of equipment

  • Instrumentation: measurement of process quantities of water and steam (temperature, pressure, flow rate, level), oxygen analyzers, measuring instruments, armature

  • Control and regulation: with complete control and boiler protection

  • Equipment assembly, testing and commissioning