We offer advanced technological solutions that quarantee up to 8000 hours/year of stable energy. With the support of our partners we research and develop technical improvements to take advantage of non-recycable materials. We use the most advanced technology to value the renewable energy resources.

Our commitment, as well as that of our partners, is to ensure that the technology complies the European, Worlds and highest quality standards.

Electricity and heat are important production factors for businesses and industry. Industry-specific solutions are systems designed to meet different needs and find multiple applications in almost all industrial and business fields. Supply reliability and energy efficiency are the focus. 


Efficient, sustainable and personalized projects and facilities for industrial companies. We understand the complexity of these projects and we know perfectly the details that such an installation entails. The quality and trust that we provide to our clients arises from extensive experience in the industrial sector and the quality of our products.
The highest demand for energy in the manufacturing industry is related to technical process heating applications, drive and conveying technology, room heating and lighting. Independent energy supply, high efficiency and system availability are the key factors to reduce production costs and increase competitiveness.

Paper, cardboard and printing industry
Saturated steam is mostly used as a heat exchanger for cooking, drying, ironing, gluing or printing paper. Electricity is used to power machines.

Construction material production
Steam is also required for brick production. The raw materials are mixed, pressed and steam is injected in large pressure vessels (autoclaves). At high pressure and temperature, they harden and can be removed as finished bricks.

Beverages, groceries and animal feed
Steam and hot water, and, of course, electricity as a power plant, play a central role in the production of food and beverages. All important production processes, such as pasteurization, sterilization, washing, cooking or cleaning, are supported with such systems.

Pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries
Many process phases in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as distillation, rectification, extraction, absorption, synthesis or refining, also require high levels of high-temperature thermal energy as well as electricity.

Textile, plastic and recycle industry


Large building complexes often require continuous energy in various forms, such as steam, heat, electricity and cooling meaning considerable expenditure of energy. In addition to innovative boiler system technology, the ideal energy concept often encompasses additional significant components, such as cogeneration, heat pumps or thermal solar systems.

Some of the examples (include domestic hot water, power, heating energy and cooling for hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities, residential buildings, stadiums, swimming pools, theatres, museums and cinemas etc.)

  • Offices and residential buildings
  • Hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities 
  • Sports and events locations
  • Airports and train stations
  • Hotel/gastronomy
  • Educational institutes and public facilities
  • Logistics and warehouses
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Laundry facilities and cleaning rooms > The process heat in this case is primarily for heating the washing water and for subsequently connected tools such as presses, laundry rollers or irons.

... And many other professions, industrial uses and businesses.