In recent years CER partners have positioned itself as one of the main EPS contractors in the conventional as well as renewable energy sectors.
CER can call upon its extensive experience in the engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning of electricity generating power plants with open cycle and combined cycle technologies, cogeneration technology, wind farms, solar thermal and photovoltaic plants, hydraulic power plants and biomass plants with involvement in projects of different types which in total surpass 10 000 MW.
Under a turnkey contact CER&Co is obligated to deliver a complete plant to the costumer who only needs to turn the key to start operating the plant. In addition CER&Co must deliver the plant at an agreed price by an agreed date at a specified performance level. We quarantee quality sistems. Maintenance work and repairs are always done with original parts.
We provide the highest qauality of the used components and warranty in the repair.

Circular Energy Resources Ltd.
Headquarters Spain:
C. Osona 4
08520 Les Franqueses del V.

Headquarters Croatia:
Zaharova 7
10000 Zagreb