About Us


Circular Energy Resources Ltd. - The CER company emerged with a vision of business based on the circular economy and as a result of knowledge and long experience in energy projects, revalorisation of waste and biomass usage.

CER has its origins in the joint venture of companies and people who have been developing renewable energy project for over 20 years. During our history we have developed more than 1500 MW of energy in renewable technologies such as wind, biomass, solar PV, mini hydro, cogeneration and WTE.
We are specializing in technologies and solutions for using waste for electricity and heat production. Our activities are design, construction and operation management of the energy facilities.
With our team with more than 100 highly qualified and competent employes we provide a complete project srvice from engineering to support for project financing, construction, management and maintenance.
CER provide energy solutions for present, committed to future. Our purpose is to improve what for some reason it is considered that is no longer reused or recycled. We value the fuel to give rise to a local source of energy.
In CER we offer advanced technological solutions that quarantee up to 8000 hours/year of stable energy. With the support of our European partners we research and develop technical improvements to take advantage of non-recycable materials. Our system are hygienic way of waste treatment medium. We use the most appropriate technology to value the fuel using the waste that cannot be recycled and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment like our European partners is to make sure technology complies European standards and the highest quality standards.

Circular Energy Resources Ltd.
Headquarters Spain:
C. Osona 4
08520 Les Franqueses del V.

Headquarters Croatia:
Zaharova 7
10000 Zagreb